Dr. Gary L. Wilson

  Inspirational Author, Nuclear Engineer

About the Author

Gary Wilson, Ph.D,, P.E., a noteworthy nuclear engineer, has prolifically written award winning scientific papers. Living in Virginia, he and Susan are active in church, enjoy Chinese food, trains and fishing. Susan wants to take a mission trip, and Gary is currently writing more books.





Editorial Review for A Road Seldom Traveled:
When an injury occurs during birth, who’d ever imagine that a baby’s perceptive mind would “split off” a personality in which to hide the pain? The mind of a genius appears to have more nuances than just being academically brilliant.

Author Gary Wilson’s perceptions were in play instantaneously following his birthing trauma — establishing a precedence to be repeated throughout his formative years — eventually splitting off more than sixty personalities. For Gary and his wife, Susan, life’s challenges became monumental as their second son succumbed to a rare genetic disorder — as had their first son — but which spared their two daughters.

In the middle of what should have been a wonderful life full of bounty and brilliant careers, Gary found his emotional self crumbling apart from life’s stress. Relying on his wife’s love and support and years of therapy, he slowly restructured his emotional self. Gary skillfully presents his recovery down “A Road Seldom Traveled” by sharing his story, his family origins, his educational and financial paths, and how his giftedness assisted him, by God’s grace, to survive. He presents his personal views in hopes that it will bring encouragement to those who also struggle on their paths.


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